Teenagers garner strength through SNSD's ''Himnae'' and IU's ''Good Day''

On the first broadcast of Mnet Yoon DoHyun’s ‘Must’ on July 5th, the result of a survey entitled ‘Songs That Would definitely Give You Strength When You Are Tired’ was revealed. The 100 songs listed in the survey were selected through Gallup, Naver and me2day.

Songs from the earlier generations which could provide the listeners with strength after listening to them were also included, particularly In SoonI’s ‘Goose’s Dream’. ‘Goose’s Dream’ was ranked 1st in the 20-40s category, proving its popularity among the three generations of listeners.

G.O.D who were popular back in the 1990s with their hit song ‘One Candle’, received lots of loves from those in their teens to 30s.

Besides these, Im JaeBeom’s ‘For You’ and Hwang GyuYoung’s ‘I Have No Problem’ also garnered a lot of supports among those in the 20s to 40s while SNSD’s ‘Himnae’ and IU’s ‘Good Day’ received the highest points among those in the age group of 10-20 years old.

Mnet Yoon DoHyun’s ‘Must’ will be aired weekly on Tuesday at 11pm KST.

Credit: newsen.com
Translated by: fanwonder